A podcast about knitting
and life and all sorts

About your Host

Anne’s mother tried to teach her to knit in elementary school, but it didn’t stick–especially when she found crochet. Even when she finally learned to knit properly at 18, she was far more interested in crochet. She even designed a few patterns for the early version of Crochet Me in the 2000s.

Somewhere along the way, knitting took over as Anne’s primary interest. She started a knitting group in Mesa, Arizona (now known as the Desert Yarnies). But a few years later, her family moved to the Philippines. Distance and traffic made it difficult for knitters in the Philippines to get together, so Anne became a solitary knitter.

When her family returned to the United States in 2018, Anne still couldn’t find many knitters in her area. She started thinking about starting a knitting podcast to find her “tribe” online. When she decided to undertake the Master Hand Knitter Program, it seemed the perfect time to take the leap. I Thought I Knew How was born.

Originally, the purpose of the podcast was talk about the MHK Program. It has grown to include reviews of products, patterns, and events Anne’s attended that are of interest to knitters. She also shares the occasional personal essay. Each episode includes a couple of songs by indie artists.

When she’s not knitting or podcasting, Anne homeschools her two teens, travels, works as a freelance copy editor, and tries to catch up on her to-do list.