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To help raise funds to pay for the costs of the show, I like to talk about products I’ve found to be of high quality. These are all products I have tried myself and loved and then found out that they offer affiliate programs. Being an affiliate means that I receive a small amount of money for sending customers their way at no additional cost to you. I take this very seriously, and only ever recommend companies whose products I love to the point that I use them regularly in my own home. They may be knitting related, or they may just be a company I use and love to the point that I am completely confident in recommending them to others. Income from affiliates pays for all the bills associated with the show: website and hosting fees, subscriptions to services that streamline production, upgrades to equipment, business cards, etc.

Products I talk about on the show include:

Adagio Teas is a loose leaf tea company that sources their ingredients directly from the growers so it gets to your teapot as quickly and flavorfully as possible. No tea bags means no extraneous waste! They also sell tea post and mugs with their own internal infusers to make your tea experience easy. If you do need individual servings or tea bags for special situations, they do offer those as well. Many listeners were very excited to hear they are now a show affiliate, so I know I’m not alone in my love for Adagio!

Allbirds shoes make running shoes, casual sneakers, and slip-on shoes using sustainable and recycled materials, including wool, at a price comparable to major brands! Their wool shoes are breathable, heat-regulating, and can be washed in your machine! My daughter bought a pair several months ago and they are still going strong. I just bought a pair for myself, because I’m absolutely jealous of her constantly clean-looking sneakers. I love finding more ways to support wool producers that make sense!

Ashcroft Makers, an indie dyer, and maker based in Scotland. Visit her website for naturally hand-dyed bluefaced Leicester superwash wool, finished knitting and crocheted items, project bags, and more.

Dropps Detergent. I’ve been using Dropps in our home since 2018. They ship directly to our door in plastic-free packaging. Their highly concentrated formula means one detergent pod does as much work as two of the other brands’ pods at half the cost per pod. Most importantly, it works!

Wool& produces beautiful wool dresses suitable for casual or office wear. They can be washed and dried in your machine, but because it’s wool, you can wear it multiple times before it will need to be washed, as long as you hang it up between wearings. The dresses are comfortable and will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. (I started a 100-day dress challenge in July to wear the same dress for 100 days in a row and really put the “cool in summer” aspect to the test!) Additional styles and colors are released regularly, so check in often!

Additionally, I have had great experiences with the following companies. They either have an excellent product, excellent customer service, or both. I know it can feel risky trying a company online, so when I find someone who does a great job, I’m happy to share my experience!
I’ve used all the companies below multiple times, but I don’t talk about them on the show because they don’t fit the theme. However, purchasing from them using my link will still result in a contribution toward running the show.

  1. VistaPrint is where I have my business cards printed. They have an online editor that lets me see the final result before I buy. They produce my cards and have them to me fast! The few times I’ve needed to deal with their customer service, they have been fantastic!
  2. ButcherBox is how I get meat for my family. When we moved back to the United States, I couldn’t find a provider of grass-fed beef that we could afford. Enter ButcherBox. Over time, they have become even more affordable as I have taken advantage of offers like “free bacon in every box for $50” where, for the one-time fee, every subsequent box includes an extra order of bacon. With these add-ons in place, we are now paying about half what we would pay locally for high quality beef, pork, and chicken. It comes shipped to my door in recyclable packaging that keeps it cold until I can get it put away. Their offer for new members changes periodically. Click through to see what they are currently offering, and give them a try! 

Completely Free Ways to Support the Show

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    2. Leave a review. When you search for a podcast in various locations around the web, the results typically come back in order of popularity, which is why it’s so helpful when listeners leave starred reviews. Leaving a brief comment with your starred review does even more to boost the show in the search results!
    3. Join the communities on social media. I am most active on Instagram, Facebook, and Ravelry, in that order. Join the communities there. Share knitting-related memes, tag your friends, repost things–especially episode announcements– encourage others in their knitting. All are great ways to spread the word!
    4. Pass on information. Sometimes Wednesday rolls around and I’m at a loss for what to present on the show that week. As much as I try, I can’t keep up with all the fascinating things going on in the knitting world. If you hear about something and think it may have flown under my radar, send me an email at anne@familypodcasts.com and let me know!

No matter how you support the show, please know that I appreciate it immensely! Thank you for listening!