I Thought I Knew How

A podcast about knitting
and life and all sorts

A podcast about knitting
and life and all sorts

Episode 110: Solveigh Lass-Evans

In this episode, Anne sits down with Solveigh Lass-Evans of Iolair Yarn and designer of the Sea Pink Top. Solveigh shares her fiber craft journey, including how a major loss sparked a new career as a hand dyer and designer.
Please note that those who are newly experiencing grief may want to delay listening to this episode.

Episode 109: Fay Dashper-Hughes

In this episode, meet Fay Dashper-Hughes, designer of both knit and crochet patterns, host of The Crochet Circle Podcast, and owner of Provenance Craft Co. Fay designed the Dunnet Bay Hap from Issue 3 of The Journal of Scottish Yarns and shares her plans for Fay DH Designs.

Episode 108: Jess of Ginger Twist Studio

In this episode, meet Jess of Ginger Twist Studio, a lovely local yarn store that doubles as a popular fiber destination for visitors to Edinburgh, Scotland. Jess’s handdyed yarn has appeared several times in the pages of The Journal of Scottish Yarns, and she took the time to speak about that and the joys and challenges of owning a yarn shop. Have you been dreaming of your own store? Have a listen!

Episode 107: Ange Sewell

In this episode, Anne learns more about weaving with Ange Sewell, owner of Weft Blown and designer of the Magnolia Cowl in issue three of The Journal of Scottish Yarns. 

Episode 106: Fiber Travels in Normandy

In this episode, Anne shares the fibery goodness of her recent road trip in Normandy, including a visit to a fiber festival, the birthplace of Rambouillet sheep, and more!

Episode 105: Alison Mayne and Roni the Woolchemist

In this episode, Anne sits down with Alison Mayne and Roni the Woolchemist to hear about their fiber crafting journeys, including their recent collaboration in the creation of the Robach Shawl for issue three of The Journal of Scottish Yarns. 

Episode 104: Samira Hill

In this episode, Anne speaks with Samira Hill, designer and teacher of knitting and crochet, as well as a professional pattern writer and tech editor. Samira is also one of the organizers of Tangled Galashiels, a new fiber festival in the Scottish Borders.

Episode 103: Merrian Holland

Anne sits down with crochet designer, Merrian Holland, who is a regular contributor to The Journal of Scottish Yarns. Merrian relates her experiences with fiber crafts, which began as a child in Germany and progressed along a path through graphic design and replica jewelry.

Episode 102: It’s All Good

Anne fills in listeners on some upcoming changes before sharing her experience knitting with wire in a class with Helen Robertson. Also, there is a review of Latta, a new American-grown and -milled nonsuperwash wool from Queen City Yarn.

Episode 101: Susan Anderson and the Journal of Scottish Yarns

In this episode, Anne has a chat with Susan Anderson, the editor of the Journal of Scottish Yarns, about her fiber background and the birth of the Journal. They cover some of the topics in past issues as well as issue three, which will provide the patterns for a make along starting on June 28! Listen to the episode for details!