I Thought I Knew How

A podcast about knitting
and life and all sorts

A podcast about knitting
and life and all sorts

Episode 105: Alison Mayne and Roni the Woolchemist

In this episode, Anne sits down with Alison Mayne and Roni the Woolchemist to hear about their fiber crafting journeys, including their recent collaboration in the creation of the Robach Shawl for issue three of The Journal of Scottish Yarns. 

Episode 104: Samira Hill

In this episode, Anne speaks with Samira Hill, designer and teacher of knitting and crochet, as well as a professional pattern writer and tech editor. Samira is also one of the organizers of Tangled Galashiels, a new fiber festival in the Scottish Borders.

Episode 103: Merrian Holland

Anne sits down with crochet designer, Merrian Holland, who is a regular contributor to The Journal of Scottish Yarns. Merrian relates her experiences with fiber crafts, which began as a child in Germany and progressed along a path through graphic design and replica jewelry.

Episode 102: It’s All Good

Anne fills in listeners on some upcoming changes before sharing her experience knitting with wire in a class with Helen Robertson. Also, there is a review of Latta, a new American-grown and -milled nonsuperwash wool from Queen City Yarn.

Episode 101: Susan Anderson and the Journal of Scottish Yarns

In this episode, Anne has a chat with Susan Anderson, the editor of the Journal of Scottish Yarns, about her fiber background and the birth of the Journal. They cover some of the topics in past issues as well as issue three, which will provide the patterns for a make along starting on June 28! Listen to the episode for details!

Episode 100: Episode 100

In the 100th episode of the podcast, Anne shares the history of I Thought I Knew How, along with listener contributions and plans for the future of the show. Grab your knitting and celebratory mood and have a listen!

Episode 099: Acrylic

In this episode, Anne adds to the fiber series by taking on acrylic and shares some strong opinions along the way.

Episode 098: Catching Up

In this episode, Anne shares the start of her spinning journey, reviews Knitted Word yarn, and has a few thoughts about embracing how you get your projects done. That, plus a few songs from Tom Goldstein.

Episode 097: Heritage Crafts with Elizabeth Williamson

Anne invited Elizabeth Williamson, Shetland Lace knitter and designer, back on the show to talk about preserving heritage crafts. How can it be done? Why should it be done? Elizabeth is a talented Shetland Lace knitter, so the discussion takes place in the context of Shetland Lace, but there is a lot to be considered about heritage craft preservation in general!

Episode 096: Rosamund Black

Anne visits the Museum of Welsh Textiles with its curator, Rosamund Black. Learn more about the Welsh National Costume, mill and hand weaving, and much, much more.