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A podcast about knitting
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A podcast about knitting
and life and all sorts

Episode 005: Tension

A variety of textured knit stitches worked in white yarn.

005: Tension

Released March 26, 2019

In this episode, Anne talks about her tension issues with the third swatch of the Master Hand Knitter Program, plus a correction, music to knit by, projects she’s been working on, a charity knitting opportunity, and the first giveaway of the podcast!

A Correction

In the last episode, Anne planned to knit the ribbing for swatch 2 of the Master Hand Knitting Program in smaller needles, but a listener pointed out that the instructions spell out that you should use the same needles. So, thank you to Julie for saving Anne from having to reknit the swatch!

Progress on Swatch 3

Swatch three is a seed-stitch swatch, but without proper, consistent tension, gaps appear at the transition from purl to knit. After many attempts resulting in slow improvement, Anne has decided to stop knitting the swatch and, instead, will be knitting a seed stitch scarf, which should give her plenty of practice without ruining the yarn she needs for her MHK swatches!

On and Off the Needles

Anne has a lot on the needles right now, including her second attempt at Sencilla, by Shireen Nadir; Nejiri, by Yumiko Sakurai; and the Bonte Mitts, by Joyce Riemens. Listen to the episode to hear how they are progressing!

The only project Anne finished since the last podcast was a modified version of the Juniper Cowl, available on the Berroco Website. For information on how she altered the pattern from a standard cowl to one that warms her shoulders as well, you’ll have to listen to the podcast!

The Big Knit UK

While there’s been little progress on “real” projects, Anne has been busy participating in The Big Knit by knitting 5 mini hats a day from March 15 to April 6. (So far, so good, as of the day this episode launches!)

9 mini hats laid out in an array
These tiny hats are a great way to turn scrap yarn into funding for Age UK.

American knitters: if you would like to contribute to the cause, Anne is leaving April 2, 2019 for the UK and is happy to take your hats along, but you have to act fast to get the hats to herby April 1!! Send her an email at anne @ familypodcasts . com to get the mailing address when you’re ready. Any American knitters who mails her 10 hats by April 1 will be thanked with a set of stitchmarkers from the inventory that remains from her former business. (While supplies last.)

Knitters in the UK have until July to submit their mini hats through their local Age UK. Additionally, many knitting stores are acting as collection points. Anne will be taking her hats, and any she receives from listeners, to donate at Wool in Bath.

Product Review: Ginger DPNs and Crochet Hooks

A few days ago, Anne wrote a blog post singing the praises of Knitter’s Pride Ginger line of needles and hooks. Check it out.


Our first giveaway is underway! The deadline to enter is April 18, and you must listen to this episode of the podcast to find out how to enter.

A hank of Selkie Sport in blues and two sets of Knitter's Pride dpns.
This hank of Selkie Sport from Dragonfly Fibers and two sets of DPNs from Knitter’s Pride could be yours if you win!

The giveaway is a hank of Selkie Sport from Dragonfly Fibers and two sets of DPNs from Knitter’s Pride. The Selkie Sport is 70% blue faced Leicester wool and 30% silk in the Denali colorway. It’s a joy to work with and the range of blues is utterly blissful. This giaveaway is open to anyone who lives anywhere the USPS delivers, including international listeners. If I can get it to you by going to my post office, you can enter to win!

The next episode should release on April 23, and I’ll pick the winner as I record, so look for episode 6 to hear if you’ve won!

Featured Music

The first song featured was “Ma Jeewanaye” by H. R. Jothipala and is available at the Free Music Archive.

The second song was West in Africa by a South African man named John Bartmann, also available from the Free Music Archive.

If you are a musician who would like a song featured on the program, or if you have comments or feedback, please contact the show at anne@familypodcasts.com.

Support the Show

You can help support this show by buying your laundry and dishwashing detergents through Dropps, like I do! It comes to my door every quarter without my having to worry about it. The pods use no plastic–not even in their packaging–and they work. And at half the price I had been paying for pods, the switch was a no-brainer for me. Give them a try and a portion of the price will support the podcast at no additional cost to you!

Social Media

You can follow Anne on Instagram or Ravelry as @ithoughtiknewhow. She posts articles related to knitting and yarn on the Facebook Group and on Twitter as @ThoughtIKhewHow. Subscribe to the podcast through iTunes or the podcast app of your choice.

There is now a Ravelry Group for the show. Be sure to join and introduce yourself!

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