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A podcast about knitting
and life and all sorts

Episode 006: I Went to London and All I Got Was This Yarn

A heart-shaped, union jack keychain.

006: I Went to London and All I Got Was This Yarn

Released April 23, 2019

In this episode, Anne announces the winner of the last giveaway, talks about her trip to London, and announces another giveaway!


Congratulations to Euphistic81 on Instagram, who won the giveaway announced in episode 5 from Dragonfly Fibers and Knitter’s Pride!


Anne and her daughter visited two fashion-related sites in London, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Fashion and Textile Museum, as well as the Fashion Museum in Bath. The V&A was hosting special exhibits about Dior and Mary Quant, but also has a permanent exhibit that includes knitwear. The Fashion and Textile Museum rotates it’s exhibits frequently. Even if they aren’t showing knitwear at the time, this small museum is very informative! The Fashion Museum in Bath walks you through centuries of fashion through 100 representative outfits, as well as hosting an additional exhibit that changes from time to time.

A maroon and black dress knit from a Mary Quant knitting pattern on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum, with knitting and sewing patterns hung in columns on either side.
The Mary Quant exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum featured a hand-knit dress surrounded by several of the knitting and sewing patterns Quant created so people could make their own versions of her designs. Some of her knitting patterns are available as PDFs from sellers on Etsy.

Three Yarn Shops to Visit

The Village Haberdashery is located in the West Hampstead area of London, just a short walk from the nearest Underground station. It focuses mainly on yarn and fabric crafts, but is a great little all-around craft store.

Liberty London is well known for their Liberty fabrics, but it’s also the flagship store for Rowan yarns. For many of us, this is a rare opportunity to take a gander at Rowan’s entire line!

Seven hangs of Erik Knight British Blue 100 from Wool in Bath, UK.
My sweater’s worth of Erila Knight’s British Blue 100 from Wool in Bath, UK. Also, the project bag gifted to Anne by Wool’s owner, Laura, as a thank you for contributing hats for The Big Knit 2019.

Wool is a cozy, welcoming yarn shop just a short walk from the Bath Spa train station in Bath, England. They have an extensive collection of British yarns, a welcoming staff, and a gentle shop dog names Toby. Be sure to stop by on your way to or from the Roman Baths to give Toby a pat and take the time to peruse their extensive pattern offerings!

Upcoming Events

April 27, 2019 is Local Yarn Store Day. Be sure to check the listings to see if your LYS is participating. Whether they are officially involved of now, consider swinging by to show some support for your local brick-and-mortar stores that day!

For those in New England, April 27 is also the day of the Connecticut Sheep, Wool, and Fiber Festival. Anne will be there with her family. Will you? Say hi if you see her there!


Be sure to listen to the episode to learn how to enter our newest episode for a Japanese Knot bag from LittleComfortsAtoZ and a hank of handspun alpaca from Peru.

The episode 6 giveaway is a project bag from LittleComfortsAtoZ (Look for her on Etsy), a hank of handspun alpaca yarn, and a set of stitch markers!

Featured Music

The first song featured was “The Can’t Find Kelly” sung by Billy Merson and is available at the Free Music Archive.

The second song was “Ca Bages Ca Beans and Car Rots,” sung by Florrie Ford, also available from the Free Music Archive.

If you are a musician who would like a song featured on the program, or if you have comments or feedback, please contact the show at anne@familypodcasts.com.

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