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A podcast about knitting
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A podcast about knitting
and life and all sorts

Episode 015: Harriet Middleton

Harriet Middleton, designer of the Harriet’s Hat (and headband, fingerless gloves, gloves, mittens, and cowl!), sits down to talk to Anne about her knitting life before her fundraising for the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal began, how the MRI Maakers started, the momentum behind her patterns, and the additional unintended good that has resulted from them.

Additional Groups, Businesses, and People Mentioned in the Podcast

Jamieson’s of Shetland – Donated yarn for the MRI Maakers and Fernlea residents to produce items to sale.
Kate Davies Designs – An early booster of Harriet’s Hat.
Kristy Glass Knits – Interviewed Anne to help spread the word about the project.
Loch Ness Knit Fest – Coming up the weekend after this launches, Billy Middleton of the MRI Maakers will be there selling
Minnesota Knitters Guild – Hosted a worldwide knit along for Harriet’s Hat.
Morehouse Farm Merino – Hosted a knit along for the hat and headband, as well as donating $1/skein sold during that month to the fundraiser. A “mitt along” for the gloves, fingerless gloves, and mittens will start November 1.
Shetland Jewelry – Designed a necklace inspired by Harriet’s Hat and is donating a portion of the profits to the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal (see photo below).
Shetland Wool Brokers/Jamieson and Smith – Donated proceeds from kits sold in stores for the hat to the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal.
The Woolly Thistle – Sold kits for the hats and donated all the profits to the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal.


The Shetland Peerie Makkers Need Your Help

The Shetland Peerie Makkers have been working with school children in Shetland to ensure the “old” ways–the efficient ways, the effective ways–of Shetland knitting traditions continue to the next generation. Please support them by hopping over to their fundraising page and making a contribution! For more information, check out this video over on Facebook.

These are the fingerless mitts that were mentioned by Harriet Middleton in the podcast. They were knit by a 92 year-old resident of Fernlea Care Home on Whalsay to be sold by the MRI Maakers to raise funds for the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal. The Shetland PeerieMakkers are teaching today’s children on Shetland the same skills and knowledge used to knit these mitts. Please support them with a donation using the link above!



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