I Thought I Knew How

A podcast about knitting
and life and all sorts

A podcast about knitting
and life and all sorts

Episode 028: The And

An encounter with Tunisian crochet and the memory of a stranger in a restaurant in Barcelona put Anne in a reflective mood.

Things Mentioned in the Episode

Tunisian Crochet Basics from the Purl Soho website.
Ewe and You Fiber Arts for Life
Harriet’s Cowl
Stitches United, where Anne will be running three rounds of knitting trivial on March 28, 2020, to benefit the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal. Swing by the Morehouse Farm booth at 10, 1, and 3 to play for a $5 or higher donation to the cause and you could win a gift certificate to morehousefarm.com!
MRI Maakers
Wonderwool Wales — Are you going? Let’s meet up!
The nurse in search of knitted coverings for baby IVs is NO LONGER IN NEED OF THEM. I am linking to the original post so you can see her directions for making them, though. Please look for a hospital that is local to you to accept them!


“You and I Can Do Anything,” by Yoo Soo Kim.
All in Our Hands,” by Justin Busch.

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Ashcroft Makers is a dyer and maker located in the Scottish Highlands. She’s recently expanded her line of colors and the results are absolutely gorgeous.

Just look at the colors in her range now! They all work so well together, too! That flame red is caaaaaaaalling me!

A purchase made from Ashcroft Makers using our special link helps to support the show. And Patrons, be sure to hop over to the Patreon feed to get your exclusive 10% off code before you order!

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