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A podcast about knitting
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A podcast about knitting
and life and all sorts

Episode 032: Online International Fiber Festival

Anne gives one last push for the Wind it Up! knit along before announcing the Online International Fiber Festival, running May 1-8, 2020!

Links to Things Mentioned in the Show

The Wind it Up! knit along is in it’s final days. Have you posted a photo of your finished or unraveled knitting layaway yet?
Katie’s Kep, by Wilma Malcomson
Sea Pinks Handwarmers, by Merrily by Design
Cold Pale Moon Shawl, by Helen Kennedy
Purl Together/Jana Knits on YouTube
Ewe and You Fiber Arts for Life, my local yarn store!

The Online International Fiber Festival

The Online International Fiber Festival will run May 1-8, 2020. Join in as we visit the USA, Canada, Iceland, Ireland, Wales, Shetland, Finland, Australia and New Zealand. Each day will begin at the Daily Itinerary page where you will learn about the day’s activities. First, you will have the choice of one of three recommended classes offered by MyBluPrint.com that somehow relates to the region we are visiting. (Or, choose your own class to take that morning!) After lunch, there will be a selection of videos to choose from to learn about the area. Then, prepare yourself a delicious meal from the area using basic cooking skills and ingredients you can find in grocery stores world wide. After that, settle in with your knitting for a 1-2 hour performance from the region.

The only cost for participants is a subscription to BluPrint. As of now, a month is $8 and the yearly subscription is on sale for $40. Or, you can opt to sign up for the free trial and take one of the free fiber-related courses each morning. There are more than enough to see you through the festival without having to have a paid subscription.

Visit the Prepare for May 1 page to take a look at the recommended classes for the days along with a general idea of the materials needed. The shopping list for the dinners is also available there.

Each dinner feeds 4-6 people depending on the night, and the afternoon and evening entertainment is all family-friendly, so after your classes are done, the rest of your family or whoever you’re self-isolating with may want to join in!

If you think you will need a reminder on May 1, because all the days are blending together, visit the website and scroll to the bottom of the page to get on the mailing list!

There is a Ravelry group available for participants to chat about the festival called Online International Fiber Festival. Join up to talk about the classes, the food, and more!

Find the festival on Instagram as @oiFiberFestival, and please follow the hashtag #oiFiberFest and use it on any posts you make about the festival!


Tom Goldstein, “In Love with You.”
Mae E. Klingler, “Wrecking Ball.”

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