I Thought I Knew How

A podcast about knitting
and life and all sorts

A podcast about knitting
and life and all sorts

Episode 070: Paparwark Yarn, Open Farm, and Rhinebeck

In this final episode for season five, Anne speaks to Cecil Tait of Paparwark Furniture about the new yarn line he and his wife Jennifer are producing from their flock of Shetland breed sheep. She also takes you through Morehouse Open Farm Day and talks about her time at Rhinebeck on Saturday. 

Links to Things Mentioned in the Podcast

Makkin Our Way Through Shetland Tours (Get on the mailing list for the possible 2nd Fair Isle week in September!
Makkin Our Way Through Shetland Participants Group on Facebook (You must be a tour participant to enter.)
Paparwark Furniture
Paparwark’s tools for knitters
Paparwark Furniture on Instagram — Follow them here for updates for when their yarn goes live on the website!
New York Sheep and Wool (Rhinebeck)Autumn House Farm
Follow @IThoughtIKnewHow on Instagram to take part in the Wovember event starting November 1!
Follow the Purl Together channel on YouTube for the daily vlog event coming up in December!
Fiber Festival of New England


Knit New Haven just got copies of The Shetland Trader, Book 3 in stock. Listen for details!

The Morehouse Merino Flock Group has some excellent projects on the horizon that will make lovely gifts.

Wool& dresses were representing at Rhinebeck! Find your own woolly fashion using this link, and your purchase will help support the show at no extra cost to you.


Both of the songs in this episode were by singer-songwriter Nicolas Rowe: “Nature” and “I Broke Free.”




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