I Thought I Knew How

A podcast about knitting
and life and all sorts

A podcast about knitting
and life and all sorts

Episode 099: Acrylic

In this episode, Anne adds to the fiber series by taking on acrylic and shares some strong opinions along the way.

Links to Things Mentioned in the Episode

Acrylic Fiber and Acrylonitrile on Wikipedia
Red Heart’s wool yarn
Red Heart Super Saver
A side-by-side burn test comparison of a toy made from acrylic vs. a toy made from wool.
The flammability of various clothing fibers
Why Are We All So Terrified of Pajama Fires?
Children’s Sleepwear Regulations
What is Acrylic Fabric: Properties, How it’s Made and Where
What is the history and origin of acrylic?
Types of Synthetic Fibers
Knit New Haven
Morehouse Merino Flock
Dropps Detergent
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The first song was “Feeling Mean” by Ben Bostick, followed by Humans Win, featuring Janell Belcher, with “Tiny Brilliance.”



Anne Frost

knitter & podcaster

The host of the I Thought I Knew How Podcast and Online International Fiber Festival.

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